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Best Earbuds for Motorcycle Use

If you use a motorcycle to commute on a daily basis, getting a nice pair of earbuds can help make the drive more enjoyable and go by much quicker. There are several factors when choosing the best pair of earbuds for motorcycle use that should be factored in for your purchase; are they loud enough, are they going to fall out of your ears when driving? You definitely would not want noise-canceling properties as this could make driving more dangerous. A tip can be to only pop in one earbud when driving if you are worried about becoming distracted. See below for several of the top earbuds for 2020 for motorcycle driving.

Top Earbuds For Motorcycle Use 2020

Name: Rating:
Price on Amazon:
Apple AirPods with Charging Case

TOZO T10 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds

4.8 (Best Option Under $50)

Echo Buds

4.9 (Best Alternative to Airpods )

When riding a motorcycle one of the main factors you will want to look into when purchasing your bluetooth earbuds is to make sure they get loud enough to hear over the road conditions. All of these earbuds get super loud and will be more than enough to hear when driving in traffic.

What To Look For In Earbuds When Driving A Motorcycle

Really earbuds have been around since the ’80s, if you remember they usually came in what looked like a lady’s makeup compact. You would put them in and wind up the chord on a little disc.

For a long time the best earbuds were just an alternative to the headphone and weren’t really considered a status symbol or must-have item. But that all changed when a company named Apple, you may have heard of them, introduced a little device called the iPod. Not only did it change the way we listen to music and other media but it created an earbud phenomenon

These little earbuds created a massive cultural movement. It was now a status symbol to display your iPod white earbuds. It meant you were hip, cool, with the times. You were somebody pretty awesome! Everyone started rocking these earbuds. Then came the aftermarket styles, because once everyone and their brother had them it wasn’t so cool anymore.

Companies started making their own earbuds and they came in every color imaginable. They were making earbuds that represented your own personality. If you were into 80’s Hot Pink then you could find an earbud that matched. Companies also started modifying the design to make them more comfortable and to provide options that would enable them to better fit any type of ear. It truly become a very lucrative market and continues to thrive with every iPod, iPhone, MP3 player, or CD Walkman sold!

Sound Isolating Earbuds For Motorcycle Riding

There are 2 distinct technologies that are very different but often confused with one another.  There is a technology called sound or noise-canceling and there is a technology called sound or noise isolating.  On the surface, they look very similar but when you dig deeper and look at the technology involved you will see they are very different.

Sound canceling earbuds work by using electronics to filter out the environmental sound and allow only the sounds being transmitted from the device they are connected with to pass through to the ear.  They create a filter in essence to produce a higher quality sound.  They don’t even have to let sound pass through.  Many models will filter out the outside sounds creating a simulated peace and quiet.  This comes in handy on airplane flights or when you are trying to ignore your screaming 3-year-old!  OK maybe not so much with the toddler but you get the point.

Sound isolating earbuds attempt to filter out environmental noise through fit and insulation.  It is very low tech in its approach when compared to its sibling.  The key with sound isolating earbuds is finding a good solid fit along with good insulation.  Often with these styles of earbuds, you will find that they come with several different sizes of foam or rubber attachments.  These allow a certain level of custom fit as the size of a person’s ear canal varies.  You should try each size to see what fits the best.  You are looking for a snug fit that acts as a seal but doesn’t create discomfort or pain.  When you first put this style earbud on it may feel awkward and uncomfortable.  Usually, this passes and you get used to it but if it continues you should either try a different size bud or an entirely different set of earbuds.  I had the hardest time finding a pair of earbuds that fit because it seemed like every earbud was painful and annoying.  But after some research and trial and error, I finally found a pair that felt good.

To wrap it up just remember when looking at earbuds that there are really two different types of sound filtering earbuds.  The kind that uses electronics and usually cost much more and the other that are sound isolating earbuds that try to filter sound through fit and insulation.

Different Types of Wireless Earbuds

What are wireless earbuds? For anyone who pays attention to performing artists, such as musicians, they will notice that most of them these days use wireless in-ear monitors, as opposed to the traditional clunky stage monitors that used to create feedback and other undesirable noise. While these in-ear monitors are generally quite expensive, the technology used in them has allowed a new generation of music lovers to enjoy their favorite music, wherever they are, without wires hanging from their heads and tangling around everything.

Wireless earbuds allow a person to simply enjoy their music in comfort. There are quite a few choices when it comes to wireless earbuds, and figuring out where to start can be a challenge. Not all wireless earbuds are created equally and in this category, as rare as it may sound, price doesn’t always equal quality.

Quality factor

Before getting into the nuts and bolts of wireless earbuds, it’s important to note that, when it comes to quality, wireless earbuds are simply not going to offer the same level as wired earbuds. At the same token, wired earbuds will pale in comparison with over the ear headphones, which will have some limitations when compared to the best speakers on the market.

Quality is in the eye of the beholder, for the most part, when it comes to wireless earbuds. Some individuals will simply not be able to tolerate the loss of mid-range frequencies or the minimal bass that is produced. Others will feel that their wireless earbuds create too much white noise or too much low-end frequency and when turned up in volume, the sound begins to become muddled.

Wireless earbuds are tricky to rate, simply because what makes them appealing has more to do with convenience than about sound quality. With that being stated, there are two basic types of wireless earbuds: Bluetooth and Kleer.

Do Noise Cancelling Earbuds Have High-Quality Sound?

The core function of Noise-canceling earbuds is to lessen the undesired ambient or acoustic noises through the ANC or Active Noise Control technique. The circuitry uses the earphones electronic indicator to create anti-noise signals. This results in a sort of damaging interference that results in the canceling of ambient sound that is heard through the earpieces. These can be great for a passenger who desires to sleep or rest in noisy automobiles such as subway cars or airplanes. In addition, they help people who would like to enjoy the music from their portable players without increasing the volume too much.

The ANC technique does not influence the soaring frequencies a great deal and soundproofing eliminates the need for complex design. These work extremely well when the consumer is beside an incessantly buzzing fridge but on the other hand, their effectiveness can be reduced quite rapidly by varying audio frequencies like human speech. Previously, these technologies used to come in earbuds only that would assist airline passengers while flying.

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A lot of these take up power from batteries which have to be recharged or changed. In addition, the quality decreases with the diminishing of the battery life. Former versions used to create extra unwanted noises which would disturb the listening experience as well as damaging the eardrums if they were too sensitive. The latest models have batteries in their accessible space however these do not diminish the weight.

Numerous earbuds come with additional noise cancellation switches which can be adjusted to the customer’s needs. They do add to the mass of the earbuds but present the owner an option to make use of them merely when they are desired. A few have a disadvantage against numerous ANC featured earbuds that can also offer strong bass support. However, this disadvantage is removed by modern models that are more expensive but provide superior bass in addition to noise cancellation.

Bluetooth earbuds are perfect examples of wireless technology when it is done right. In a mobile world where everything has become hassle-free, Bluetooth earbuds used with Bluetooth technology offers an exceptional alternative for individuals who utilize Mobile phones. Bluetooth technology enables conforming to Hands-fee driving laws. Its user-friendly access to the phone and because many mobile phones are not only used for making phone calls anymore but to listen to music make Bluetooth earbuds an attractive phone accessory. Bluetooth technology offers extremely low power consumption and hands-free convenience. Coupled with Bluetooth earbuds, it is becoming more popular each day. The Bluetooth earbuds built-in microphone makes it easy to switch between listening to music and making a phone call.

The Bluetooth earbuds built-in microphone makes it easy to switch between listening to music and making a phone call. Although the price may seem expensive, the Bluetooth earbuds versatility and ease of use fully justify its cost. Anyone can talk, walk or jog hands-free without worrying about wired earphones. The beauty of Bluetooth technology is that the background noise is completely blocked by using the earbud allowing people to keep the sound volume low. This, in turn, reduces stress to their eardrums, which has been a concern from the medical profession as earphones use has increased. Purchasing Bluetooth earbuds offer a number of advantages to mobile users. The prolonged use of earphones, which generally causes discomfort or irritation in the ear, is limited when using bluetooth earbuds. The makers of Bluetooth have developed different kinds of rubber fittings for the earbud to suit anyone’s preference.

The makers of Bluetooth have developed different kinds of rubber fittings for the earbud to suit anyone preference. A choice of soft or hard padding makes the use of Bluetooth earbuds even more desirable. Bluetooth technology has become so user-friendly that people with less technical knowledge can also make full use of it. Users are falling in love with Bluetooth technology because getting Bluetooth earbuds can make using mobile technology easier, stress-free, hands-free not to mention stylish.

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