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Best Mirrorless Camera under $500

Mirrorless Camera has become the preference for many photographers today. Although there are still some who prefers the digital SLR, the number of those transitioning towards Mirrorless camera is getting larger and larger. Perhaps, you may not be familiar with this type of camera. Just like the name suggests, a mirrorless camera is simply that – does not contain a mirror in the lens. It is a modification of the digital SLR camera.

Best Mirrorless Camera under $500 For 2020

Price on Amazon:
Panasonic Lumix DMC-G5

Canon EOS M100 Mirrorless Digital Camera

4.9 (Best Price Under $400)

What is a Mirrorless Camera?

Mirrorless Cameras are in fact Digital Cameras that provide the picture versatility and quality of professional Digital Single-Lens Reflex Cameras, along with mobility which comes closer to those of the more popular point and shoot digital cameras. These cameras are often called Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera since unlike the vast majority of Digital Cameras in the consumer market, these have a mechanism for lens changing in a convenient manner, as is performed with the professional ones.

The innovative design of these cameras preserve the Image Sensor Systems of the DSLR cameras which makes all of this attainable. This means that the quality factor of these cameras is not affected at all. Furthermore, the mirror which is common to Reflex mirrors is not incorporated, making these mirrorless cameras compact and very mobile, unlike the traditional DSLR cameras.

These cameras possess the Micro Four Thirds Systems. This micro 4:3 system has been specially designed by Panasonic and Olympus and is among the specifications made especially for these mirrorless cameras. This new original standard allows the minimization of the lens dimensions, without having to affect the picture quality too much.

Above that, the old SLR Four Third Lenses function very well on the mirrorless camera since they share most of the specifications used by the original 4:3 standard, though an adapter is necessary in such cases.

The viewfinder is another great characteristic of the mirrorless camera which is worth discussing. While the standard DSLRs function on an optical viewfinder that requires a mirror and a prism, this whole element has been removed with the mirrorless cameras. Taking its place is the Electronic Viewfinder. It is a reproduction of the original Viewfinder by allowing the photographer to observe the image through the sensor’s eyes rather than the lenses, similar to the LCD display that is situated on all the popular point and shoot cameras.

These mirrorless cameras have yet to completely seize the attention of the mass population due to the lack of a definite standard, as the mirrorless technology is quite a new one. If you are prepared to check out new technological advancements, you may want to go over the many reviews available for the models available in the market and ultimately select the Mirrorless camera which best suits your needs.

At the end of the day, the mirrorless cameras definitely delivers what they promise – taking great photos easily and quickly. Although they may be a bit more expensive than the standard camera, they are definitely a must try for any photo lover. If you haven’t yet checked them out, you’re missing out on the fun. Go ahead, give them a try!

Panasonic DMC-G5 Review

Panasonic has brought us another match-winner; maybe, let’s hope that it is one. But yes, it is a camera that is sure to make you go Wow! Not many cameras have the tendency to make their users get this expression on them. The best and the most important of all, Panasonic has not created this product for any professional, but it is for people like us, you and me. Let us now complete the Panasonic DMC-G5 review.

Body & Design

The body of the Panasonic DMC-G5 is a strong and sturdy plastic body. You might say that it is weak due to the plastic, but it is actually not. It is pretty small and portable with a size of 8.3 x 12 x 7.1 (H x W x D in cm). It has been provided with a nice large and bright 3 inch touchscreen to control and view. Also the camera has a detachable mirrorless lens and a rubber grip on the side so that the camera can be held steady without the fear of it slipping.

Operation & Control

The operability of the camera is pretty good. It is not quite hard to learn to use the camera. Most of the controls are pretty standard just like the rest of the cameras with the difference of little here and there to mark its extraordinarily from the others. It has a twisting control panel to browse through various modes and menus of still photos, videos, etc. Other minute controls and settings can be reached and changed via the 3-inch capacities touchscreen provided.

Panasonic DMC-G5 Performance Review

The performance of the camera is outstanding. Its 16 MP camera lens makes sure the images are perfectly crystal clear. It is loaded up with many features like the image stabilization program, autofocus, brightness monitor, face detection, etc. It has various colors and shooting modes in it that gives you loads of options to shoot the picture according to your liking. The camera has a 16.05 MP MOS sensor and a Venus Engine which lets you shoot real high-quality images and videos.

The camera has the capability to shoot images of resolution up to 4608 x 3456 and videos of 1080p HD at 60 fps. What more could you possibly need from your camera? It is maybe the best one available in the market right now. The camera has a 4X optical zoom and an aperture of F/3.5- F/5.6 with shutter speeds of 8 – 1/1600.

It has an inbuilt image stabilization program in it. Along with with it there are two autofocus programs provided in it, the Light speed autofocus which allows for clear pictures of moving sources if you are moving and the Eye sensor autofocus which used the electronic viewfinder to automatically focus when your eyes face the focus. Both these great features and loads of many other small programs work together for the best pictures so that you can easily capture and store all your memories.

What Makes A Camera Mirrorless?

Digital SLR camera has large mirrors on the inside. These occupy large space on the inner side of the camera making is large and heavy. Nevertheless, these mirrors allow better manual control and the autofocus is also very fast. The arrangement of the mirrors on the inner side of this camera also ensures faster bouncing of the image on the viewfinder. The speed with which this camera does this makes it a preference for some photographers.

On the other hand, a mirrorless camera is designed for people who want a light and small-size camera. This is because size and weight are the major drawbacks of the digital SLR camera. Manufacturers have created a camera that is small, light and with superior image quality. This has been made possible by the removal of mirrors that increase the size and weight of a digital SLR camera. By eliminating these mirrors, the manufacturers have greatly reduced the camera size especially its depth.

These mirrors are either replaced by electronic alternatives or eliminated permanently. However, other features such as the manual controls, fast autofocus, and speedy performance are still maintained.

A mirrorless camera comes with physically larger sensors. These are responsible for capturing images of higher quality. This becomes apparent when taking images in places with low light. The larger the sensors, the better the image quality. This is one feature that comes out clearly when evaluating major differences between a digital SLR camera and the mirrorless camera.

Apart from being light and smaller, the majority of these cameras will have intelligent modes that are automatic. These are designed for the purpose of helping photographers get better results. For instance, you may be in need of a portrait image. You want it to have a good blurry background but not sure of the right camera settings. These modes will help you achieve this. Even when you do not know the right settings to help you achieve this, the automatic mode will intelligently help you achieve the look you want. With this mode, you just choose blur background and the camera will do the rest.

A mirrorless camera does not have a viewfinder. Therefore, you use the LCD when taking photos. This is similar to the compact camera.

What Mirrorless Camera Equipment to Buy?

Every digicam really needs mirrorless camera components to function better. Camera equipment incorporates a memory-card together with a soft camera scenario to defend it from any damage. Those who want to take a trip need to consider a solid camera case to provide more security to the camera. All-digital cameras need washing mirrorless camera add-ons like the cleanup system. It isn’t preferable to clear your camera optics with a top, water, hands or breath of atmosphere. The system has a sleek and clean cloth, a blower brush and also a small bottle that has a solution to wash lens and cleaning tissues.

An additional of the camera accessories you’ve to consider may be the tripod. It allows preventing the going of the camera when shutter speed drops. Should you’d prefer a closeup capture of the item(macrophotography), the tripods are necessary mirrorless camera equipment.
Additional important digicam extras are batteries; you may obtain an extra battery. Just about all the digicam batteries are rechargeable and you need to be sure that you recharged both batteries prior to going to get a photo-shoot until you desire to be uncomfortable when you wish to improve battery throughout the period.

Another essential camera add-ons are camera stabilizers, camcorder backing consists of internal camera assistance that’s a roll axis to provide stability on snapshot development. A camcorder stabilizer that is easily adaptable a number of digicam patterns through a versatile mounting design and variable fat managing method could also give you more quality for the money. You need to use it for several various camera versions, from lighter weight or smaller sized mirrorless camera to some movie camcorder (offered it’s from your weight class for that unique camera stabilizers). If you’d want to look at a photo without having to fear, you should make certain that you’ve all of the desired mirrorless camera extras before going out for shooting.

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