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Best Portable Air Conditioner For Apartment

Portable air conditioners are often recommended for apartments and small house owners. The units have lots of features that make it better than other brands in the market and the benefits have to do with the fact that they are highly maneuverable. By design, they are meant to be moved frequently from one end of the apartment to another. Because of this unique feature, you observe that most portable air conditioners have wheels and casters. These help you to shift them to where they are needed.

By design, they are not meant to rest on the window frame. They are contained in the room and are meant to sit or installed on the floor of the apartment you want to use it. However, you still need to place it close to the window for easy venting through an exhaust hose. Most importantly, this type of product is easy and simple to set up as even a novice can easily set it up after studying the user manuals.

After evaluating the above criteria, we are able to select the best portable air conditioners for apartment. This means that the products we selected were thoroughly evaluated before they are recommended. Here are the five best portable air conditioners for your apartment.

It works in three speeds and this increases the efficiency of the system. You can easily regulate the system through the on and off automatic timer feature, and it can be control 1 to 24 hours.

Top 3 Portable Air Conditioners For Apartments For 2018

It ensures a powerful airflow and it does not make noise as it operates at 55 dbA. The dehumanization effect is unique because it does so at the rate of 70 liters of moisture and this is the rate for every 24 hours.

Moreover, it ensures a clean environment when you are using it because it uses an automated evaporation system. Because of this, it does not lither the apartment with drips and it does not require the use of a bucket. It displays digitally and you can do that with the remote control. You can set it through this means. The setting can be anything within the range of one hour to 24 hours.

Apart from being user friendly, you would discover that it is eco friendly as well. It is equally a dehumidifier and it can dehumidify up to seventy pints for every day. Control is relatively easier with this unit and the reason for this is because of the full functional remote control.

It features a LCD display and this makes control much easier. All you need is to touch it and you would see the control features working at its best. Even if you have a problem with managing the system, the user manual is handy and once you refer to it, you would see that most of your problems would be solved.

It has the basic features that you get from other products of the same company and there are some extra features as well. The noise level is not that much at the rate of 54 decibels. It can serve you for a long time and that is because of the self-evaporation feature.

It equally uses an upgraded window kit and this is plastic in design. It equally uses carbon air filter as well as washable pre filter.

Dehumidifier capacity of the unit is 101 pints and this is for three days. It operates at three fan speeds. It equally features an extendable as well as an intake hose and this is up to sixty inches as well as a window kit and the length is 46 inches. One extra feature that you are going to observe in this product is the heating system. Cooling capability is 14000 BTU.

If you are looking for the perfect product for this summer season, then you have to think of this product. Many users regard this brand as a superior product because of the great features.

You can always continue to use the system because it does not require that you drain it yourself. Moreover, the unit can be customized in its settings and the timing range is within twelve hours. Another thing that you are going to enjoy here is the fact that it is energy efficient.

This unit has all the features that you are looking for in a product like this one. It is user friendly as it does not require that you drain it from time to time because it is self-evaporative. You can just use it for the time you want without exercising any fear of the system getting too hot as the condenser is cooled as the moisture is being recycled.

Apart from that there are other great features that make this unit better than similar others on the market today and one of them is that it is regarded as the least in terms of noise that you can actually lay your hands on the market today. As a matter of fact, you can hardly hear the noise when you install it in your apartment and it can hardly disturb your conversation with your friends and so on.

It uses a fully functional remote and this means that you can control most of its operation from any corner of your room. It digitally displays temperature and time. It runs at three fans speeds and other great features.

The design of these air conditioners, the way they work, as well as installation processes make it ideal for many households. It is quite different from other similar products both in the design and mode of operation. Most importantly, you are going to understand that these products are meant to rest on the floor of the house and not in the window like other types of air conditioners.

Because they are not fixed in one place, you can easily move it from one part of your apartment to another. This is going to save you the money you would have spent in procuring another air conditioner. Thus, they are highly maneuverable, but they would still require installation. This is good as a temporal measure to regulate the temperature in your apartment. It is good because you do not need to be creating holes in different parts of your apartment. Many landlords would not allow you to create holes in their apartments, because of that, you can always use this type of air conditioner in your home.

It is even cheaper. Even if you are on a budget, you can get such air conditioner you can install in your apartment. When you install it, you can easily regulate it the way you want.

If you are looking for this type of air conditioner for your apartment, you have to consider a number of factors. The most important among those factors to consider include the cooling ability of such a system, as well as the energy efficiency. There are several other factors to consider which we are going to see here.

The major purpose of installing this appliance in your home is to regulate the temperature around your apartment and that is to make your home comfortable, especially during the hot summer season. The first thing to consider in evaluating any conditioner is how far it is able to carry out this most important function. It is therefore important that you consider the effectiveness of various systems in the market and this would influence the final choice you will make in this regard.


Most importantly, consider the various features available, especially those of them that render the air conditioners easy to use and control. In determining this, you have to check the operating modes of various brands in the market and evaluate them before you make your choice of the best portable air conditioners for your apartment. Consider whether the unit you want to use possesses remote control as well as a programmable timer. These make it easier for you to control the system, and you can actually control it from any part of the room.


Another important feature to consider when you are making your choice includes the design. Compare the various brands on the market and opt for those that are light because they are more portable. It would be easier for you to move it from one part of the apartment to the other anytime you like.

Noise level

Noise level is equally important. Since the unit is going to work inside the apartment, you have to consider the noise level it makes when it is in operation. Less noisy the system, less disturbing it becomes. You have to consider all these points when you are making your choice. This means that you have to compare various products and evaluate them on their noise level and so on.


When you are looking for one, think of how you can stand that product. This makes it easier and convenient to use the device. Any unit that requires something to support it can be inconveniencing, you have to take this into consideration when you are making your choice.


Before you make your choice, check the resources its manufacturers have made available for you to fix or control the system. There might be minor problems that you can easily control without looking for a technician to fix them. Check the user manual and other important resources at your disposal to help take control of the system without looking for an outside help.

Efficiency and certification

Perhaps the most important factor to consider includes the issue of certification and efficiency. Before you make your choice, you must ascertain how energy efficient the system is. Do not go for the brands that consume more energy because it would eventually translate to cost when you are paying for your energy bills. Because of this, it is recommended that you consider the Energy Efficiency Ratio. This will indicate how the unit consumes energy. If you go for the higher EER, you are going to pay more for energy.

Operation modes

Consider the operation modes when you want to make your choice. When we talk of operation modes, our attention should shift to the multiple cooling options. This determines how comfortable you are going to be in your home as well as how easy it is going to be for you to operate the system. There are several other factors to consider that can influence the final choice you make about this unit.

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