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Best Portable Blenders

There are many different high end portable blenders on the market today offering a wide variety of options and functions.  This can make the task of choosing which to buy a difficult one.  There is much to consider when making your choice and this can range from the overall look and design of the blender to its actual functions and capabilities.

A good high end moveable blender is constructed from high quality materials and is built to withstand many uses.  The best blenders have solid stainless steel or durable glass pitchers.  They also offer much in the way of settings and speeds.  You will want to look for a blender that has a very sharp blade and a powerful motor that is capable crushing ice efficiently if you have the need.

The last thing you want to do is waste money on a blender that has a plastic pitcher or a low quality blade and motor.  These lower grade blenders often have cheap seals and gaskets that wear out fairly quickly. Cheaper blenders are not built to last and they usually offer very little in terms of their variety of functions.

The best models offer the highest in quality and performance as well as speed and ease of use and cleaning.

Best Portable Blenders For 2018

Smoothie Blender, Portable Blender

If you are looking for a professional quality durable and moveable blender that is high quality and extremely powerful then the Smoothie Blender  may be the blender for you.

This blender is obviously designed with quality and durability in mind.  Equally apparent is the obvious style and sophistication of its overall appearance.  This blender has a very stylish and attractive design that is both professional and elegant.

This unit offers much more than just professional looks.  It also possess a powerful one-plus peak-horsepower motor that can efficiently whip, mix, blend, and stir in a fraction of the time it takes other blenders.  The extremely powerful motor means that it is capable of handling the toughest blending jobs. This blender was clearly designed with professional grade performance in mind.  The KitchenAid Pro Line Bar Blender is equipped with a rugged die cast metal base and a solid stainless steel blade that is forged from one piece of metal.  This unique patented blade has been given high angles and edges that have been sharpened to provide superior performance and extreme durability.

The forty-eight ounce solid stainless steel jar of the unit is designed as one complete piece and is dishwasher safe.  The collar, blade assembly, and seals are all part of the one piece design that helps to ensure an overall strong and completely reliable tight seal while blending.  There is also a built-in mixing sensor as well as a single speed setting and pulse function.  This unit is very countertop friendly and can be easily cleaned. The cord can be conveniently stored by wrapping it under the base when the blender is not in use.

If you are looking for a well-built blender that is as dependable and efficient as it is attractive then this may be the blender for you.

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