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Best Portable Gas Grill

Having a nice BBQ doesn’t always mean that you need to go out and get yourself a grill that costs $1000 or more. There are a number of affordable quality options that allow you to get out on your porch or backyard and get grilling. Having portability in your grill gives you the ability to take your grill to your friends house, to the park, or anywhere. See below for the best portable gas grills of 2018.

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Because everyone has different needs and plans for when they barbecue, manufacturers now offer a large variety of options for customers. After going through them, we’ve come up with our selections for the best gas grills under $300. Here they are.

Dyna-Glo Smart Space Living Propane Grill

Most of the modern propane grills today offer different accessories for the home outdoor cook. There are side burners, rotisserie mechanisms and some even come with a combination charcoal grill. However, these additions can tack on the cost as well as the size of the cooking appliance.

Dyna-Glo 2-Burner Outdoor Griller

This Dyna-Glo grill, falls on the other end of that spectrum. It fits those who are more interested in one basic function, grilling. And it does this well. As a bonus, it takes up less than 4 feet of space lengthwise and 2 feet in depth. For storage, folding down the side tables makes it even more compact.

Very unassuming in appearance, it isn’t going to win any admirers in that category. From the table down, it actually looks like a kitchen stove from the 1970s with the way the front panel, electric ignition switch and control knobs are placed.

One of the most useful components is the closed door cabinet. Unlike many cheaper grills that just use a cover and leave the LP tank exposed, this one keeps it in a contained unit. This also lets you keep some of your cooking tools like the oil spray bottle, cleaning brush or grilling utensils inside away from the rain or any animals that may chew on the gas hose or other accessories.

Understandably, this isn’t for everyone, and is more suited for straight up fast steak, chicken or fish grilling without having to rely on side burners or spinning rotisseries.

Weber Q 220 Portable Tabletop Grill

Tabletop grills are now becoming a more viable option due to the variety of places they can be used. Whether you’re going to a tailgate party, on a road trip or just going to the beach or park to have a picnic, these portable propane grills make both bringing and cleaning simpler.

Weber Q 220 12,000-BTU Liquid Propane Gas Grill

Looking from the front, this looks like something the U.S. Military would use as a drone, specially if you flip the 2 side tables outwards. Upon closer inspection and after use, the football shape body makes sense, as it helps keep the overall internal area small with the rounded corners. Just as importantly, the curved bottom lets all the fat drippings that get through the cast iron grates slide into the small grease trap opening in the middle and into the small drip pan. This makes cleaning up after the meal quick and easy.

One of the first things you’ll notice is that it’s heavy. That’s a good sign because you know get high quality components, but it also adds to the weight you’ll need to lift when you get outdoors.

The Weber Q 220 has a 280 sq. feet cooking surface that can fit about 10 good sized steaks or pork chops. It feeds around ten people, and has a lid that’s high enough to fit a whole chicken in case you want to roast one.

This particular propane grill uses the smaller 14 or 16 oz. LP tanks. Though a hose regulator is available if you want to cook at home and use the more efficient 20 lb. gas container.

With an excellent customer rating, this Weber Q is one of the best gas grills under $300.

Char-Broil TRU Infrared Grill

While the infrared stoves are slowly making their way into kitchens, it’s not so often you find a BBQ grill using this type of technique. There are a number of differences between regular gas grilling to infrared, the most prominent being the infrared grill’s ability to go up to really high temperatures.

Char-Broil Tru Infrared with Folding Shelves

Using really high temperatures at the beginning of the cooking process is often what you’d see high end steakhouses do not just to get the nice grill marks but also give you that nice crust that seals in the meat’s moisture.

What Char-Broil does with this line of outdoor cooking appliances is apply a system where its stainless steel grids traps all the heat from the propane burners to get really high heat that reaches 700 degrees fahrenheit. From there you’ll be able to lower the heat once the outside crust has been made.

One other thing this system does is eliminate the flare ups. What you do get however, is a lot of smoke. This can be a positive or negative depending on your style of cooking. If you have lots of guests or don’t like dealing with smoke, keeping the lid open won’t be a good experience.

However, once the lid is closed, the smoke circulates within the grill’s oven structure which gives you that added smoky aroma and flavoring. Controlling the heat is easy as each of the 2 burners are equipped with their own thermometers.

One thing to make sure of is to keep this covered when not in use. Also, make sure the grate is cleaned after use, otherwise, these can rust.

Broil-Mate 155154 Outdoor BBQ Grill

This is a simple, easy to assemble home grilling station that can be parked on the backyard or used right on the patio during those warm nights after work when you want a quick juicy cut of beef.

Broil-Mate 155154 LP Gas Grill

It doesn’t come with a lot of extras but does have a high cast aluminum oven that makes it possible to cook a good sized turkey, rack of lamb or beef roast. The other thing about the cooking area is that the secondary grilling space is spacious at 300 square inches. This makes it appealing to those who like to slow cook ribs or chicken away from the direct heat.

With 40,000 BTUs powering it, it does a good job in warming up to cooking temperature fast. While underneath the grates, you have what Broil-Mate calls the Flav-r-wave cooking system.

This is a large stainless steel panel that sits between the burners and the grates. This protects the burner from the drippings, at the same time is positioned to absorb the heat produced by the burner in order to distribute it throughout the entire sheet of metal. This results in even cooking wherever on the surface you place the shrimps, peppers and chops.

On the downside, what it doesn’t come with is a closed storage area for the LP tank. All it has is a front cover that blocks it from view. It also doesn’t have a side burner so you’ll either have to grill everything or use a portable stove for some of the side dishes or appetizers.

Nevertheless, the pros outweigh the cons, allowing this Broil-Mate offering to make our best grills under $300 list.

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