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Best Portable Ice Maker For Home

There are many reasons to own a portable ice maker. Maybe your refrigerator did not come with an ice dispenser? Maybe you have a home bar and want the convenience of having fresh crushed or cubed ice for your cocktails? For commercial use, you can serve cold soda, waters, and juices out your food truck or cart. Having a pool party and want to have cold drinks readily available? The possibilities are endless.

There are several great options when finding the top moveable ice maker and you can’t go wrong with any of the choices below.

Best Portable Ice Makers For 2018

hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker Machine for Counter Top

The HomeLabs portable ice maker machine is currently the most popular option on Amazon for making ice on the go – and with good reason. The setup is simple, you pour either spring or tap water into the half gallon water reservoir and then about 5-10 minutes later – ice cubes will be dispensed. The noise amount is minimal with this model and with a $110 price tag the price can’t be beaten.


  • Portable Ice Maker Size: 9.5 x 12.9 x 14
  • Ice Cube Shapes: Solid with a circular middle
  • White Ice Scooper included
  • Automatic shut off when ice tray is at capacity

Although it is small in size, the hOmeLabs Moveable Ice Maker packs a mean punch!

Current Price – $107.99 – Click Here For Reviews on Amazon

NutriChef Premium Digital Portable Ice Maker Machine, Countertop Ice Dispenser

If you are looking for the Cadillac of ice dispensers, you have it in the NutriChef Premium Digital Portable Ice Maker Machine.  You have options of making different ice types; such as small ice cubes or large ice cubes. The LED display screen is a great touch, allowing for information settings to easily be seen. One of the best selling factors of this unit is it’s ease of use. If you want something that looks slick with its metallic design, but is simple in design this is a great product. Another great selling point about this unit is it is extremely energy efficient. While other portable ice units use up roughly $16 a year in energy costs, this unit comes it at only $9 which comes out to a $7 yearly savings. For a stylish counter top unit – this is the obvious choice.

Current Price $219.99 – Click Here For Reviews on Amazon

Luma Comfort IM200SS Portable Clear Ice Maker, 28-Pound

If you are looking for a commercial use portable ice maker, the Luma Comfort IM200SS is the way to go. While the Luma Comfort model is more expensive than the other two, with a 28 pound tray you can store much ice which is great if you are in need of a large amount of ice in a hurry. Also – for RV or boat use this is a great option. Like the other two options, if the ice melts in the bay it is re-absorbed into the water reservoir for future ice use. The ice made from the Luma Comfort maker is clean and not cloudy, and tastes absolutely divine.

Current Price – $199.99 – Click Here For Reviews on Amazon

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