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Best Portable Metal Carport

When looking into buying a carport or carport kit there are a few things that you should look into. The first thing you need to look into is what your current needs are and what you are really looking for. This is the most important step you need to take, but it is usually the one most looked over.

Best Portable Metal Carports For 2018

What Size To Get For Your Carport?

There are a lot of good deals out there on the market that are designed to bring in customers. The one that stands out to me is the 18X20X5 or 18X21X5 portable metal carports for $695 that are popping up all over these days. These carports are an excellent bargain, but they usually don’t fit the needs of most people. If you are just parking one vehicle under it or have two very small cars then yes these carports are the way to go. Unfortunately this usually isn’t the case.

Two Car Carport Vs. One Car

Most people will be parking two vehicles under there carport and some will be parking trucks or SUV’s under them. In this case the 18 wide carports are usually too small for the job at hand. First off to park a truck under one of these covers I would highly recommend at least 6 foot legs to give the carport the height that is needed for the taller trucks and SUV’s. The second thing that throws people off is that 18 feet wide sounds wide enough for 2 vehicles, but in reality it isn’t. You can fit two vehicles under an 18 wide carport, but you will be lucky to be able to open up your doors without hitting the vehicle next to you or the carport itself.

Going With A Large Size

Two extra feet doesn’t sound like much, but a 20 foot wide carport offers a lot more room for two cars. With a 20 foot wide you are able to open up your doors more and it makes it easier for you to get in and out of your vehicle without having to worry as much about hitting anything. A lot of people are hesitant to look into a 20 foot wide for the fact that it is usually a couple hundred more than the 18 foot wide, but it is worth it’s higher price for what it offers to the customer. Why buy a smaller cheaper carport if it isn’t going to fit your needs.
It has been my experience that a 20X20X6 or 20X21X6 two car carport is more than big enough for most peoples needs. There are other factors to consider when purchasing portable metal carports and we look forward to diving into those in our next series.

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