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Best Portable Platform Ladder

What Are Platform Ladders:

Platform Ladders, or as sometimes referred to as Platform Step Ladders, are elaborate step ladders utilizing a work platform instead of a regular step for the worker to work on. They may remind you of the much larger mobile platform ladders that have been used quite effectively in a warehouse setting for many years.

Why are Platform Ladders sometimes required?

Platform Ladders have been implemented to help contractors and tradespeople meet changing rules in the workplace with regards to safety and ‘working at heights’ legislation.  In some locations regular step ladders are being outlawed in the workplace.

Best Portable Platform Ladders of 2019:

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Louisville Ladder FXP1803HD

Louisville Ladder FXP1803HD


Are Platform Ladders safer to use?

Whether or not a Platform Ladder is actually safer than a regular step ladder is a disputed fact. Only time will tell whether there are fewer injuries resulting from their use. The purpose of this site is to give a comprehensive

What To Look For in a Ladder?

At a time or another in your lifetime, you will find a dire need of a platform ladder. It might be for carrying out your gutter cleaning habit that you carry out each year or for reaching out a fixture located on a high building level. When you encounter some challenges to reach to locations around your residence, you might not carry out the activity if you do not have a ladder. Using a ladder is one thing and selecting the best one is another aspect. This post will take you through the steps that you should follow while selecting the right ladder.

How to choose the best platform ladder

Most people do own one or two ladders at their homesteads. However, how sure are you that you own the right, best ladder for your task that you want to carry out around your residence? What are the points that you should consider while choosing the right one for your requirements?


Height is one of the points to consider while selecting the best platform ladder. While searching for the best ladder for your residence, you should select the one that will enable you to reach the lofts. Alternatively, if you want to use the ladder in an industry you should select the right height to ensure that the ladder is not extremely short or tall to an extent that makes it useless. More so, when you select a short ladder it might require you to dangerously stretch out while performing your tasks.


You should select a platform ladder whose treads are ribbed to make sure that both of your feet hardly slip on them. In addition, these treads should be wide enough to offer the necessary feet comfort while working out. Also, you should select a well balanced ladder to make sure that it hardly overturns in case you incorrectly utilize it. If you opt to purchase an aluminum ladder, it should have a specific insulation in case you will not use it for an electrical task.

 Durable and lightweight

Always ensure that you select a sturdy material such as aluminum while shopping for a platform ladder. Such a material lasts long and can withstand rough treatments. On the other hand, the material should not be heavy to an extent that you encounter difficulties while moving to and from the work area. It is essential that you select a foldable ladder for easy storage and move.

Moveable Platform Ladder Facts & Info:


Platform Ladders are available in either fiberglass or aluminum. If any sort of work involves electrical, or the potential of coming in contact with live electrical, then fiberglass platform ladders are recommended due to their non-conductivity (when dry). Platform Ladders also come available with Dual Access (rungs on both sides). Our supplier also offers a huge selection of regular step ladders.

Capacity Rating:

Fiberglass Platform Ladders come rated for 300 and 375 lb. capacity, while Aluminum Platform Ladders come rated for 250 and 300 lb. capacity.

Height Measurement:

Platform  Ladders may come measured and ordered to either the platform height or overall height, which is a two foot difference. Check the full details of the product prior to ordering to ensure that what you order is what you require.

Sizes Available:

Sizes of platform height of 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12 ft. or overall heights of 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 & 14 ft. (Availability may depend on whether fiberglass or aluminum).

Cons of Portable Platform Ladders:

  • Platform Ladders are not designed to use in leaning against a wall. Even though this is not a good practice with any step ladder, as the ladder can potentially slip out from underneath one, in certain unique circumstances and with extra precautions taken, such as with bracing, it is the only way to get the job done. If the worker can perform work only on the platform, then Platform Ladders cannot be used for this, as they need to be opened up for the platform to fall into place.
  • If access to Platform Ladders is restricted to even sizes, as for example, 4, 6 or 8 feet, then the worker might find it very uncomfortable trying to work from the platform if he is one foot either too low or too high. This could potentially lead to workers using a brick, pail, or something similar on the platform to give them added height, which creates another serious safety hazard.
  • When working on a Platform Ladder, the sense of balance is also decreased. With a regular step ladder, the tendency is to lean into the ladder as one is working, creating more balance through several points of contact with the rungs of the ladder. As Platform Ladders are designed so that one works only on the platform, there are no rungs for the worker to lean into, and so has only two points of contact, his/her two feet for balance. The fewer the points of contact, the less balance is created.
  • Finally, because one is to perform work only on the platform and not on the rungs, a greater number of platform ladders may be required to accomplish the required tasks. So where one regular step ladder would do, now you may require several platform ladders if you are to work at different heights. This increases the expense, storage space and time involved in the use of more than one ladder and all has to be taken into consideration. Service trucks may have to carry several Platform Ladders of various sizes where such are enforced.

Platform ladders do provide the user with additional stability when climbing extremely high areas and conducting some DIY fixings at home. Such a ladder is beneficial because it comes with a space for storing your tools as well as paint cans. More so, this ladder does vary in weight because you can find the light and heavy-duty ones, which you can either use at home or in an industry. Therefore, such a ladder is perfect for you if you want to carry out some house renovations. This post will take you through the benefits that you will reap after you use a platform step.

Advantages of platform ladders for all users

An example of a industrial platform ladder

If you want to carry out a repainting activity then the balance is extremely essential. There are little challenges that you will encounter while painting the bottom side of a wall. However, the challenging part is when you want to advance upwards. Painting the top part of your bedroom easily requires you to have one of the well-balanced platform ladders. This step will help you put your painting tools safely, as well as, any other tins of fresh paint.

Some decades ago, people used to get these ladders to enhance their construct scaffolds. However, that is not one of our current alternatives. This is because people are capable of acquiring platform ladders to assist them in their painting activities. Such types of platforms do allow the user to sustain stability when he/she carries out the entire job.

Comfort is another way to benefit from this ladder. A normal step contains a huge platform whereby you can place all of your requirements for instant access. Placing your tools in your work station is very essential. This will save you time that you would have wasted while searching for the exact equipment that you want to use. This ladder helps you arrange your tools and select the one that you need to use.

Platform ladders do make your renovation simple. However, that is not the sole case because most people would like to safeguard their security while working in risky areas such as the roof. There is no one who would like to risk his/her life while carrying out some Do it yourself task. However, when you use this ladder your risks of getting accidents are minimal. Since the ladder is designed with simple, secure steps, you will not have to get stomach butterflies while climbing on it.

What I am trying to state here is that platform ladders are safe and secure to use. However, there is a thing that is excellent about this ladder – it is foldable. So, what do I mean by saying that it has one of the best folding systems? There are several benefits that such a foldable ladder will provide to the user. For instance, you will not have to drag it from the workplace to its storage. Another aspect is that you will use little time to locate it to several areas of your work.

How To Use

Just like other working instruments, using ladders has several benefits and downfalls. For all employers who use ladders in the workplace, they should put an equal or strong emphasis on ladder safety maintenance in their industries. According to past statistics, at least a third of the reported falls resulting from height involves step ladders and ladders. Globally, at least 300 individuals do die due to simple ladder falls. This shows that something is wrong with the way people use step ladders. In simple terms, am trying to state that workers or users do ignore the essence of ladder security. This post will take you through some management tips for ensuring ladder security.

How to ensure ladder safety

There are numerous benefits of using platform ladders such as security, comfort, which saves time and energy. However, these ladders can threaten your life if you ignore some ladder safety tips. That is why I have decided to write this article for you and any other person who want guidance on that matter.

Correct pitch

Most accidents do occur because the users did not ensure that the locations where the ladder stands cannot correctly support the steps. This implies that you should place the platform steps in a place where you feel it is firmly supported by the wall. The ladder should have proportionate base width and height to enhance ladder safety. For instance, a platform step of 4 feet in height should have a 1 foot base from the support or the surface that you want to prop it against.

In addition, you should ensure that the location that you want to place the ladder is free of slip and dry. This makes sure that the steps will hardly lose contact or slip from the surface that offers it support.


When climbing or walking down on the steps, make sure that you are facing your ladder in such a way that your entire body is inward. More so, you should make sure that you feel safe and comfortable when descending or ascending the ladder. This implies that you should free your hard-working hands from carrying equipments or other tools. You should utilize pulleys or any other method in case you have a work tool that you require to carry on a high area.

If you come across equipment that is light or small enough to carry around, you should at least hang or place it somewhere on your body. However, you should always ensure that both arms do not hold anything. In case you carry a tool, ensure that it is light weight in order to provide the necessary body balance.


You should put on some non-skid footwear. It does not matter the material that the ladder is made of, you should never put on easily slip shoes. Shoes that can easily slip away from the ladder steps can lead to accidents or injuries. Most people do ignore this ladder safety and risk their lives by climbing the ladder without shoes. They ignore the fact that moisture can build up on their feet’s soles and cause them to slip while ascending or descending the ladder.


If you only need a small boost – consider investing in a smaller platform ladder

As can be clearly seen from this review, there are Pros to Platform Ladders, but there are also some Cons. Are Platform Ladders safer than regular step ladders? Are they more practical?  I am not convinced that they are, but you can judge for yourself.

I believe that forcing workers to use Platform Ladders, instead of regular step ladders, is really a “bandaid approach”, and does nothing to address the root of the safety problem on job sites, and that is the workers themselves.

I sincerely believe that it is not necessarily the item used, whether it be a ladder or any other equipment, but rather the user that ultimately determines the safety of the job site. Hence, proper training of workers is essential to ongoing safety, in getting them to recognize safety hazards and to avoid them.

A good example of this is a skill saw, which if used incorrectly, can be very dangerous. That is probably why it is called a “skill” saw because the user requires skill, or proper training, to prevent serious injury. Likewise, proper training on how to work safely in the workplace should be paramount. This can be accomplished through courses, training videos, and on-site mentoring and monitoring.

It is the personal opinion of the author, who has had nearly 20 years of hands-on experience in the construction industry, that training tradespeople to actively think and be fully aware of their surroundings, as well as learn good work ethics and practices would be a much wiser investment of time and money.

Safety is good, even essential, but the major question remains: Is the most efficient way to safety through equipment, or is it through proper training? Safety equipment does nothing to train a worker to actively think and act safely!  It actually removes the necessity to think. While a certain amount of safety equipment in the workplace is indeed essential, to have a worker wear a “bubble-suit” or merely work with safety equipment does not actually teach skill. It is only through proper training that ultimate safety in the workplace can be achieved. It is also viral, meaning that it can spread, for the benefit of all.

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