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Best Portable Vocal Booth

You can record great quality in your own home with portable vocal booths. If you think that you cannot achieve the best quality of recording at home, think again! It is not necessary for you to go to the studio just for the sole reason of recording vocals. If you record podcasts where you go and do interviews or work on a laptop with your recordings, having the portability of a vocal booth will be a life saver.

Best Portable Vocal Booths of 2019

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Bison Prosound Portable Sound Absorbing Vocal Booth Recording Panel 5.0

Why Purchase A Moveable Vocal Booth

Getting a portable vocal booth is a good option when you know that the room you are recording in has bad acoustics. You can have a fiberglass acoustic panel on the room so that sounds will be absorbed and prevent from ever bouncing off.

DIY Vocal Booth Ideas

If you can’t afford to buy yourself a vocal booth, you can always prop mattresses against the wall so that the sounds will be prevented from bouncing off the wall going back to your microphone. These reflected sounds can give a low quality to the audio you are recording that is why it is very important that you do everything to prevent sound reflection.

What You Need To Begin Recording

To begin with, basically, you need a good voice. Of course, this is not even debatable because this is a prime reason for recording and looking through the portable vocal booths available.

However, this is not the only thing you need to have. There are things that affect the quality of vocals recording. Different ways to record also affect the quality of the recording.

Now, one of the first steps in the recording is to know what kind of microphone to use. If you know that there are different kinds of microphone, then the best way to record is choosing the right one. There is a condenser and a dynamic microphone. Each type serves different purposes.

A condenser microphone has a fairly huge diaphragm which is actually used in recording for studios. The reason behind this preference is that a condenser has a very sensitive pickup and can get almost any sound. But to make sure that no extra sounds are heard other than what should be heard, a pop filter should be installed.

The good thing about a condenser is its very detailed recording.

The next type of mic is the dynamic, a very common mic that is used in concerts and other live performances. This kind of microphone is very durable and ideal for the common abuses which any performance has. A condenser is not used in a concert because just imagine the amount of noise it picks up in a noisy crowd.

Another thing, your vocals should be ready. This means getting enough rest, eating good food and also not smoking. The opposite of these actions will make your voice detrimental and will surely affect the quality – so much for recording.

It takes time to adjust if you live an unhealthy lifestyle, but if you are willing to do anything to have a good recording, might as well give some sacrifices and get a portable vocal booth.

Recording in a room with a poor set of acoustics cannot make your recording any better. By physics, sound waves travel and will bounce. Without proofing, sound waves will bounce back and forth, creating echo and ultimately disturbing any kind of recording.

To avoid this, you can avail yourself by checking out the portable vocal booths available online. Or you can always make one on your own. In this case, a fiberglass one will help to avoid bouncing back of sound waves and destroying your recording.

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