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Best Portable Water Flosser


If manual flossing is starting to get old for you, reading a good water flosser review will guide you to avail of the most highly technological flosser you could ever get your hands on. Flossing is an important part of oral hygiene. With it, the bits of food between teeth that escaped your thorough and careful brushing will be flossed out.

But there are times indeed when flossing can be labor-intensive, especially when you encounter a very stubborn food fragment, or when you know you’re already late for a function you have to attend and additional minutes to brush your teeth has been out of a question. An honest water flosser review could provide you comprehensive and accurate information and serve as guidelines for the water flosser you have to buy that will be worth your every penny.

This would mean having more patience and persistence scrutinizing and determining the efficient brands of water flossers that would help you avoid wasting good money on a poor investment. Water flosser reviews carry more than the factory-produced comments. They really tell you what to expect from a product that not everyone knows how to operate on. When you encounter a review, make sure that you keep an open mind, and that you will find out what this product really has to offer.

Best Portable Water Flosser’s For 2019

Price on Amazon:
Water Flosser Professional Cordless
4.7 (Best Price)
Waterpik Water Flosser
4.9 (Best Value)
Waterpik Cordless Water Flosser
5.0 (Medical Grade)

Water Flosser Review: What a Water Flosser can Provide

A water flosser is able to loosen and remove food debris stuck in between your teeth that your regular dental floss can’t do. Spending some time reading water flosser reviews will aid you discover that flossing become easy with a water flosser. All you have to do is just bend over the sink, and use the water flosser to irrigate your mouth. Unlike your ordinary dental floss, using water flosser isn’t messy at all. You’ll see that you can have that professional mouth care at home with your own water flosser.

Benefits of a Water Flosser

A machine for oral care, such as the water flosser, could really do your mouth a lot of good. The following are some of the key benefits that these reviews have always tried to convey:

Better circulation

The water flosser is an instrument that can improve the circulation in the oral region. It gently massages the gums, making it a lot stronger.

Enhances the power of the toothbrush

Note, however, that this dental gadget is not a substitute for your toothbrush. Instead, it only enhances what your ordinary toothbrush can do. It removes food particles from the hard-to-reach places in the mouth.

Orthodontic care

It’s very beneficial for those with braces as well. There are water flosses with orthodontic tips just for people who have dental braces.

Mouthwash feature

With proper instructions and procedures, you could mix mouthwash into the water flosser so that you could have your finishing mouth freshener as well.

Water Flosser Compared to a Dental Floss

Compared to dental floss, a water flosser is more effective at decreasing oral bleeding brought about by gingivitis. It is able to remove more plaque as well. Studies were conducted to gauge the effectiveness of the water floss compared to the dental floss. The water floss showed significant results over dental floss, especially in the oral condition of those wearing braces.

The Patients Who Use Water Flossers

Any patient won’t use a tool or a health gadget that isn’t user-friendly, even if it’s a matter of life and death. Below are the patients who benefit from the water flosser:

  • Patients with implants;
  • Patients with bars;
  • Patients with overdenture abutments;
  • Patients with veneers;
  • Patients with gingivitis;
  • Patients with diabetes; and
  • Patients with periodontitis.

Water Floss Models to Check Out

Take a look at these water floss models. Maybe one of these products could be the perfect one for you or your loved one:

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser

The Waterpik Ultra is proven to be more effective by 93 %, than an ordinary dental floss. It delivers 10 – 90 psi of water pressure accompanied by 1,200 pulsations in every minute. It penetrates in between teeth and even below your gum line. You could choose from 6 different-colored tips for a better, cleaning experience.

Waterpik Waterflosser Cordless PLUS

This water floss gadget removes more plaque using orthodontic tips. It can easily be filled-up and has a non-slip grip. It has dual pressure which you can control so that you could go from gentle to deep cleaning in no time. You could also charge and recharge it, but it doesn’t need batteries to run. It’s cordless too, so you could move it freely or bring it along, during travels.

The water floss has pressure and pulsation that are considered as key elements to its efficiency and effectiveness. It has about 1,200 -1,400 pulsations per minute. The pressure that’s set to about 50 to 90 psi yielded the best results. By taking a look at a good water flosser review you will end up with a very efficient tool for the ultimate oral care.

Other Reasons To Purchase A Water Flosser

For Bad Breath:

Halitosis, or bad breath can be caused by numerous factors. There are some main factors for having bad breath and each will be discussed below and how a Waterpik Power Flosser can help.

If you haven’t been told that you have bad breath, but suspect it, you can easily find out by cupping your hands over your mouth and exhaling forcefully into it. Immediately smelling what was exhaled may give you a clue as to whether you have halitosis.

You can also ask your dentist to test you with a halimeter, which is a device that measures the sulfur content of the breath. Sulfur is what actually makes the breath smell bad.

If you have bad breath you need to find out the reason why. The number one reason for halitosis is periodontal disease. Soft food debris or plaque adheres to the teeth and if it isn’t removed, it will harden into tartar.

The resulting hardened bacterial matrix will continue to destroy gum tissue and bone, which can produce sulfur which makes the breath smell foul.

If you have been diagnosed with periodontal disease, you should seek immediate treatment. The tartar needs to be removed, not only to correct the progress of the disease but to eliminate halitosis.

Oral Hygiene From Water Flosser Oral Hygiene

The second reason for bad breath is a lack of good oral hygiene. Flossing regularly with a Waterpik Power Flosser and brushed properly will help the situation greatly. Many people do this, yet still, complain of mouth odor. The reason is you need to brush or scrape the tongue as well as brush the roof of the mouth to remove the coating of bacteria that resides in these regions. The bacteria form fermented proteins which in turn produces odor. The scraping and brushing loosen this debris and can then be easily rinsed away.

Halitosis can also be caused by the overproduction of stomach acid. This is a medical problem that needs to be examined by an MD. On occasion this can be due to skipping meals, so eating regularly may be a solution. Skipping meals also tend to make the mouth dry, which in turn can allow bacteria to breed.

Food, drink and smoking and eating foods such as onions, garlic, and cheese can contribute as can smoking of cigarettes and the drinking of coffee. The limitation or elimination of these items would go a long way towards freshening the breath.

Ways to quickly make one’s breath fresh include eating parsley after a meal. Parsley contains chlorophyll which is a known breath deodorizer. Eating an orange allows the citric acid in it to stimulate one’s glands which produces saliva that can neutralize odor-producing compounds.

Other suggestions include brushing after every meal, oral irrigation with a Waterpik Power Flosser using a 50/50 solution of peroxide and water, chewing on fennel, anise, dill or cardamom seeds and rinsing with a mouthwash such as Therafresh or Profresh, which contains chlorine dioxide, a known breath freshener.

By following the above, you’ll eliminate most halitosis-type problems. Half of the problems are related to oral hygiene and health, so regular dental checkups are a must.

Other Features To Look For In A Water Flosser

moveable water flosser for teeth

Finding the best cordless waterpik means knowing what features are important considerations need to be analyzed. Comparing and contrasting these important considerations will ensure that you select the best cordless Waterpik that will be easiest to use but offer the maximum amount of accommodations.

Charging Capabilities :

A Waterpik cordless plus unit needs a way to be charged as well as well-placed slots. That is somehow protected from allowing water to enter the unit or is base. The type or construction of the batteries that are used to maintain the power will determine how long you can use the unit and how often the water flosser cordless needs to be charged. This is an important consideration, as to how well the flosser maintains its power will help you to determine whether your chosen unit travels well.

Secure Hold of Unit :

Since water is required in order to operate the flosser, and also likely that your hands will be wet when using the unit. It is important that the handle of the flosser allows for a secure and sturdy hold. The last thing you want is a flosser with a plastic handle that has no rubber molded grip. Those types of the best cordless Waterpik are easily dropped and broken. Which results in a wasted investment.

The capacity of The Reservoir :

The larger the capacity of the reservoir of the Waterpik water flosser cordless plus is, the more water the waterpik cordless plus water flosser holds. The more water the cordless flosser holds, the length of a cleaning session you can maintain uninterrupted. That does not mean that smaller reservoirs will declare competing for cordless water flosser reviews inferior to others, as some of the best flossers have smaller reservoirs. It simply means you will have to refill the reservoir of the best cordless Waterpik more often or shorten your cleaning sessions.

Rotation Positions :

The number of rotation positions available will control the level of flexibility that the cordless waterpik water flosser offers. The more positions the unit can rotate to, the more options you have for getting an effective clean in even the smallest crevices in your mouth.

Variations Of Flosser Tips Included

There are several types of cordless waterpik flosser, and each of them performs different functions which is especially important when you want to get a professional level clean from best cordless Waterpik. Having more options results in a more visible result of cleaner, whiter teeth from your waterpik water flosser cordless reviews.

Power Buttons :

Some waterpik ultra cordless units have loose buttons that are easily triggered when in use. This causes the unit to turn on and off or adjust its’ setting accidentally with the slightest hand movement. This can make using the Waterpik difficult and frustrating. Other units have buttons that seem unresponsive which prevent the user from adjusting the waterpik to the most comfortable setting.



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