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Best Professional Facial Steamer

The search to find a portable facial steamer for sale may be based on a couple of motivating factors. It may be required as a beauty product to refresh and rejuvenate the skin, or it may be used as a health product as a way of clearing blocked sinus passages. You will have to decide whether you need a facial steamer or a portable inhaler. You can buy both facial steamers and portable inhalers here on this site, you simply have to decide which one you need.

To help get you started we have listed four of the best selling facial steamers currently available today. Click on the steamer of your choice to find out more information including pricing and reviews.

Most Popular Professional Facial Steamers

Price on Amazon:
LCL Beauty Herbal Facial Steamer

Facial Steamer, Hot Mist

2 Spa Beauty Ozone Facial Steamer

4.7 (Lowest Price)

What Is A Facial Steamer?

One of the common beauty treatments that you will get when you visit a spa for an overall rejuvenation is a facial sauna using a professional facial steamer. These machines direct a concentrated confluence of steam over the face so that the pores of the skin are opened up and any impurities that had been trapped there would be flushed away.

It is possible nowadays to buy a professional facial steamer to do the exact same job only you have the luxury and convenience of operating the treatment in your own home. Buying a professional facial steamer will help you to regularly flush your skin of the dirt and bacteria that can collect and cause skin complaints such as acne.

One of the reported results of using a facial steamer has been the reduction of skin wrinkles both in the number of wrinkles and their depth. The action of the steam on the skin improves skin elasticity and by giving a deep pore cleanse, fine line wrinkles are removed.

Facial steamers are multi-use items, though. If you have a problem with blocked sinuses or are suffering the effects of a cold, a session on the steamer can help to clear up the blocked passageways. If you are into aromatherapy, by adding a few drops of essential oils into the water reservoir you can give yourself a soothing aromatherapy treatment too.

Best Professional Facial Steamers 2019

Portable Mini Facial Steamer by Silver Fox

This is a reliable steamer that produces abundant steam within 5 to 6 minutes and will suit anyone who wants to use it for their own beauty treatments or to apply to clients.

The steamer is equipped with a few added features that gives it a little more appeal than other steamers in its class. The extended arm means that the steam is delivered closer to the face without having to bend over it. It is also equipped with a UV light to oxygenate the steam to help rid the skin of any of all toxins.

The steamer may optionally be used either with or without the extension arm. Should you wish to have the steamer up closer to your face as you sit at the table it may feel more comfortable without the extension arm attached and this is a very simple adjustment to make.

Product Specifications Arm Length: 16”
Capacity: 21 fl oz
Depth of Base: 9 ½”
Width of Base: 7 ½”
Watts: 450w
Volts: 110
Heat to Steam: 5-6mins
Height (ex. Arm): 13 ½”
Water: Distilled

There is also a handy opening in the arm of the steamer that will allow essential oils to be placed making this an ideal means of performing aroma therapy.

The standard operating time is up to 30 minutes and a digital timer makes it simple to determine the length of time that is remaining. It also has a built in water level sensor and will automatically shut itself off when it determines that the water level has dropped too low.

This particular facial steamer is slightly more expensive than other models but the additional features that have been built into the product accounts for that. There are a number of places where it is possible to buy a Silver Fox EF300 Facial Steamer and one of the cheapest and most reliable that I have found is through Amazon.

One thing to be wary of is the fact that the product is made overseas and the instructions that come with the steamer are difficult to understand. Make sure you exercise all of your patience when you first remove the steamer from the box.

Below is a picture of the EF300 Facial Steamer from Silver Fox to give you an idea of what it looks like. You can also follow the link below to be taken to the Amazon store page where you will find the current sale prices and be able to read the customer reviews.

Buy A Silver Fox Facial Steamer On Amazon

How Does A Facial Steamer Work?

Although every brand of professional facial steamer is a little bit different, the basic principle remains the same and the way in which it works is much the same. Water is placed into a reservoir, usually at the bottom of the steamer and then a heating element is switched on to heat the water until it boils and is converted into steam.

The steam is funneled into a narrow area above the reservoir and there will either be a face mask shaped attachment where you can place your face to receive the steam application. By sealing the mask with your face you will maximize the benefit of the steam, however due to the heat of the steam this should only be done for a short period at a time.

An alternative method of directing the steam onto your face is by using a hand held facial steamer. With this type of steamer you will have a smaller applicator on the end of a hose that you can bring up to your face to direct onto certain areas at a time. This type of applicator is more precise if you have certain problem areas that you want to work on specifically. It also saves you from having to bend over to get your treatment done.

What Benefits Do You Gain From Using A Facial Steamer?

So why do people use facial steamers as an important part of a beauty treatment? The main reason it is used is to do a deep cleanse of the pores of the skin that may have been clogged with dirt, dead skin cells and bacteria. A secondary effect of that unclogging process is that the skin feels refreshed and revitalized afterwards. It is a process that cleans much more deeply than simply washing the skin with soap and water.

Acne sufferers have reported that they have had good results after using a facial steamer. However, it should be understood that not everyone will see positive results with their acne, every individual situation is different.

As already mentioned, the facial steamer can be used as an inhaler to clear out the sinuses. Anyone with bronchial or nasal problems will get some benefit by using a facial steamer on a regular basis. Having the convenience of a professional facial steamer makes it more likely that the treatment will be performed on a regular basis.

A much more in depth look at the benefits that are available from using a steamer can be found on the Face Steamer Benefits page.

What Are the Various Types of Facial Steamers?

There are a number of different types of facial steamers that you would keep a look out for. Obviously the one that many people would have used is the professional facial steamer at the local beauty spa treatment center.

It is possible to buy a facial steamer with ozone. The creation of ozone helps to moisten the skin while the steam does the deep clean. It also helps in the cleaning process by removing the dirt from the pores by releasing it from the oils from the sebaceous glands.

According to those companies that produce ionic facial steamers the ionic steam contains nanoparticles that are able to achieve an even deeper clean by reaching the deepest layer of keratin and then stimulates growth of collagen.

A hand held facial steamer is an incredibly portable type of facial steamer and not only does it allow you to direct the steam onto specific parts of the face, it also comes with attachments that allow you to scrub and tone your skin while you’re using it. In most cases the hand held facial steamers are battery operated which makes them truly portable devices.

The Importance of Ozone Functionality

Ozone essentially provides a deeper cleaning process to the skin.

We see that a number of facial steamers, both the ones for use at home as well as the larger commercial ones. When they are advertised there is a big deal made about the fact that there is an ozone function.

So the question as to what difference the creation and application of ozone to the skin is a valid one. In fact, ozone therapy is widely used in various fields of alternative medicine and so it is quite a natural progression to use it on the skin.

One thing to remember though is that ozone is considered poisonous when it gets above a certain dosage.

The introduction of ozone to the skin is thought to help with the blood circulation and would increase the level of oxygen that is circulated throughout the body. This increase in blood circulation and the powering up of the oxygen level in the blood promotes the restorative effects of the steam on the skin.

The idea is that the steaming process will be enhanced and as well as cleansing the skin’s surface you will also get an inner restorative effect too.

For people with skin problems such as acne in the form of blackheads there is a field of view that ozone therapy will enhance the cleansing process. By exposing the blackheads to ozone the skin will be cleaned for longer giving whatever acne treatment that is being undertaken a greater chance of being effective.

Benefits of A Facial Steamer

There are obvious benefits in applying steam to the skin and these benefits include the physical as well as the mental. Anyone who has been to a beauty salon and had a professionally applied steam facial will understand that not only does the skin feel cleaner and fresher but the mind is also clearer and the confidence is higher.

The good news is that with the release of a large array of different types of portable facial steamers the benefits that come from steaming can be enjoyed at home at your own leisure.

As mentioned above the benefits of a facial steamer are not limited to the physical well-being but also the mental. The physical benefits include:

  • Sebaceous blockages are warmed and softened
  • The pores are dilated which will make it easier to remove the contents
  • Sweat and sebaceous glands are stimulated
  • The skin is softened and hydrated
  • Blood flow rate is increased bringing a refreshed look to the skin
  • Nasal and sinus passages are cleared

The end result of the majority of the benefits that come from using a facial steamer is to make the task of cleansing the skin easier. It is becoming more and more common to find facial steamers that come equipped with a microderm-abrasion tool. This will allow the process of exfoliating to take place at the steamer with a brush and perhaps an applicator to moisturize the skin.

The mental benefits that come from using a portable facial steamer may come from one of a number of different sources. The first may simply come down to the refreshed and rejuvenated feeling that one gets from a thorough skin cleanse complete with rehydration and moisturizing. The warmth of the steam can also leave your skin feeling more alive which should leave you feeling more confident and content.

Aromatherapy is another possibility and the essential oils that may be chosen will both help to treat your skin and provide you with a greater feeling of relaxation and well-being. Different types of oils will provide different treatments for your skin. Similarly, different essential oils can also provide you with a calming feeling that can help to unwind or de-stress.

Getting all of these benefits by visiting the salon will certainly provide you with all of the benefits that you are looking for. Similarly, and probably just as important, is the fact that these same benefits may be achieved by using your own portable facial steamer. But there is an added benefit and that is that you can have your treatment any time you like.

How They Can Help With Sinus Conditions

One of the chief areas in the beauty health industry has been the use of facial steamers as a means of freshening the skin by opening the pores and cleansing with the help of microdermal scrubbing. This is an extremely effective procedure and it is the primary use of facial steamers at home. The great thing about these facial steamers is that they are extremely portable and can be set up in a very short amount of time.

But there has been a second valuable use of these steamers and that is in the treatment of sinus problems. Just as a portable facial steamer can open the pores of the skin the steam produced by the device is also very effective in opening up the sinus passageways.

For many years people have poured themselves a bowl of steaming hot water and then sat under a towel leaning over the bowl to inhale the steam vapors when they have had a cold. This process has been made enormously easier by simply powering up the facial steamer and directing it straight to the nose.

The range of facial steamers and facial saunas that will assist with sinus problems is not particularly large but there are a few different options available. Fortunately they are all reasonably priced and are simple to operate. Below are a few of the more popularly bought options.

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