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Best Sippy Cup for 2 Year Old

sippy cup for a 2 year old

A great feeling is when your baby transitions into a toddler. Time to move away from the constant making of bottles and into drinking other fluids such as water, juice, and milk. An issue many parents face is having to with the constant issue of spilled drinks. Not anymore! Look below for several of the best options when it comes to finding a sippy cup for your two year old!

Top Sippy Cups For Two-Year-Olds:


Rating:Price on Amazon:
Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup

5.0 Best Choice

Munchkin Click Lock Bite Proof Sippy Cup

4.9 Another Similar Option

Watching your baby grow is the most exciting and fun moment for parents all over the world. From the single movement of the baby to the speaking part is filled with so much emotion that the heart of all would melt at seeing the baby grow in front of their eyes.

There is a lot of training involved in the growing stage starting from their eating habits to the way they walk to the way they speak. All this needs to be done from scratch and it is sometimes a very serious and tiring work for parents to teach their kids to do something.

Watching your baby switch from feeding bottles to a Sippy makes you filled with wonder and now your toddler can be considered at their growing stage and also in control of their maturity. This is the time when there are loads of things that you need to teach your child and all has to be done step by step.

What To Look For In A Sippy Cup For Your Toddler

Sippy cup brings in a spill-proof feeding at a very affordable price pack that takes care of the baby’s eating and drinking habits. A Sippy cup is a regular cup with both side handles with a lid and a nipple type spout attached to it. The purpose of this is that when the baby tries to overturn his cup the lid will prevent the liquid from flowing out and the nipple is the way for the baby to drink his fluids. This makes sure that the baby knows that the cup should not be overturned and that the nipple is the only way to drink.

The cup comes with an oz measurement so that you can measure your fluid while giving it to your son. Some of these cups come with an insulator which ensures that the drink is not too hot. There are many brands in the market that brings out these spill safe sister with attractive colors and designs for the baby to get fascinated over it and will love to watch his cup and drink it. This also calls in for identification training.

If you do not choose a good brand of a sipper, then chances are that it might leak and this is going to be a big challenge to keep your baby and the house clean from spilling fluids all over. Some brands have also come up with cups specific to certain months and age, which again is a great help for parents and babies. Playtex Sippy cups are the usual names that you would hear in stores and other places.

BPA Free Sippy Cups

When you buy a cup for the baby make sure it is BPA safe plastic and try to choose natural white colors, as the dark-colored ones may cause a reaction in hit fluids. Choose a cup that has handles so that your kid can hold them in their hands and try to identify their cups after some months.

You can check online for the numerous types of cups, and its parts like the spout, straw cup, lid and stopper which you can mix match and buy for your existing cups.

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