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Best Zero Gravity Chair for Back Pain

For those of us who have to sit at a desk for extended periods of time, having chronic back pain and back-related issues can make this difficult. Many individuals are discovering the benefits of using zero gravity chairs to fight their back pain. Discover several of the best zero gravity chairs for back pain below.

Developed from the model introduced by NASA, the anti-gravity chairs are the health-friendly zero gravity chairs that comes with the zero gravity model, slightly bend upright position, steel framework and built-in curve that allows you to have a healthy sitting. Whether you are working for long hours at the office desk or whether you are sitting for long hours reading your favorite books at the vacation spot, the anti-gravity chairs are what you need. It has the great quality of relieving you from back pressure that usually comes from sitting for long hours, increases your blood pressure, eases your movement and allows space for your legs to elevate so that you do not have any back pain or neck pain

Top Zero Gravity Chair For Chronic Back Pain 2020

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EVER ADVANCED Oversize XL Zero Gravity Recliner

Four Seasons Oversize XL Extra Wide Seat


How to Decide on your Preferred Zero Gravity Chair?

There are different types of zero gravity chairs from different series of models that you can choose to purchase. For example, there is the caravan canopy zero gravity chair, zero gravity chairs, zero gravity office chair etc. The classic, zero gravity chair has the exclusive features in its built-in curve which are designed according to the Orthonomic body frame. In most of our chairs, there is the option and comfort of elevating your legs and sitting in the upright position which is good for your health. The zero gravity position is the most positive aspect for which our products are sold very quickly among customers.

Zero Gravity Chair Health Benefits

Zero gravity recliners are chairs designed to remove the pressure built up in the back while helping to bring the whole body frame into a full relaxation mode through various specifically targeted routines. Relaxation means more than lying down on a sofa, it means to be completely weightless and at peace both within the body and soul and this is something that everyone needs. Given the hustle and bustle of day to day work, a good time spent on a zero-gravity recliner can help bring the body back into full speed and health.

Zero gravity recliners are different from normal recliners and the different lies in the concept behind the design. A good understanding of the connection of gravity force and the position of relaxation or being upright will help you appreciate the concept of zero gravity recliners.

When the spine is in an upright position such as when you are standing up or leaning on something, the whole of the body is counteracting the force of gravity and to help maintain a full-body balance, the muscles of the body and the spinal disc compresses in reaction to the action of gravity. This, however, exerts enough pressure on the back. This is why we get tired and stressed and that’s why SLEEP is invented to relieve this stress.

However, since there will be times we will love to relieve the pains in the lower and upper back and in the neck area which is built up by prolonged sitting and wrong sleeping positions, the zero gravity recliner can always be of help. This chair is designed to be able to defy the law of gravity. The moment the user is positioned on the zero gravity recliner, the whole body structure reclines at an approximate of 170 degrees whilst the legs are elevated above the head at an angle of about 90 degrees at the thighs and hips.

The concept claims that at this position, there is completely no pressure exerted on the muscles of the back and the spinal disc, you will actually feel like you are floating in the sky. Actually, this design is adopted from the technologies used in outer space by the NASA for Astronauts who face a terrible force of gravity while shooting out of the Earth’s planet. The zero-gravity seats make them recline, fighting the pressure built as the spaceship moves out of space until they eventually recline at a zero gravity.

The zero gravity recliner is especially good for folks who have been suffering from built-up stress in the upper and lower back. It also helps reduce tension levels in the body by facilitating the increased level of oxygen in the blood.

How to Pick a Zero Gravity Recliner

Just as with clothes, appliances, cars, and every other product out there, brand names play a substantial role in determining the price of a zero gravity recliner as well. Those who hunt and camp regularly will be familiar with a lot of the brands of these recliners. Again, a little bit of brand and consumer review research will help you determine whether a certain zero gravity recliner is priced highly due to the high quality materials it was built with, the brand name, or both.

Whether you are looking for a comfortable way to stake out on a hunt or you are looking for a way to relax comfortably while getting sun on the beach, a zero gravity outdoor recliner may be just what you need. They are very comfortable and quite simply put, they are just cool. These chairs have made a level of comfort possible while still enjoying and basking in the outdoors that you’ve never been able to experience before.  You can acquire a zero gravity recliner pretty inexpespively, and the fact that they are foldable makes bringing them along on any outdoor excursion an absolute must.

3 Different Types of Zero Gravity Chairs

Foldable Zero Gravity Chairs

Making a foldable version of these zero gravity recliner chairs has caused a massive spike in the popularity of these chairs.  If you have never sat in a chair that is “zero gravity” than I highly suggest you try one out immediately.  For those of you who have, you already know that they are the most comfortable chair out there.  The ability to affordably acquire a zero gravity folding recliner has made it not only possible but almost necessary to take one or many of these chairs along with you on your camping trips or other outdoor excursions such as children’s sports events, etc.  They are without a doubt the most comfortable chair you can get for camping or outdoor environments , they are very convenient thanks to being foldable, and they have become very affordable thanks to an explosion of manufacturers and retailers offering this fantastic chair.

Anti Gravity Chair for Patio or Poolside Use

While you can certainly use a foldable version of this chair as poolside furniture or furniture on your deck or patio, perhaps a version of these extraordinarily comfortable chairs that is not foldable would be a better fit for this use.  While the foldable chairs are very convenient while maintaining excellent comfort, they do sacrifice a bit of stability and perhaps longevity due to the folding feature.  The difference in stability is a result of the extra hinges that are in place that make foldable chairs foldable.  These hinges also play a role in how long the chair will last.  Now, when you aren’t folding and unfolding the chair regularly that will certainly increase the life of the chair as would be the case when used as poolside or patio furniture.  However, the extra hinges will still be more likely to break or malfunction more quickly than a chair without those hinges that make a chair foldable.  These chairs are a great alternative to typical couch style outdoor furniture because not only are they much cheaper, they are much less affected by the elements and dirt and grime.  Cushions get filthy with rain and wind and cleaning them can be very tedious, not to mention they easily blow away in windy weather.  Recliners with the zero gravity feature don’t have cushions so obviously you don’t have to worry about cushions blowing away.  Also, a quick spray of the hose will have these comfortable and cheap recliners clean in a jiffy.

High-End Indoor Zero Gravity Massage Recliners

These recliners are by far the most expensive, I mean up to 100 times as expensive as the outdoor and foldable types.  There also is not a better, more comfortable, more relaxing or more soothing chair out there.  These chairs are not for every budget, but you would be hard-pressed to find a single person that wouldn’t fall in love with one of these chairs after just a couple of minutes in one.  Recliners that are zero gravity are simply the most comfortable and relaxing chairs.  The high end indoor zero gravity lounger is a top-quality massage chair with the latest in massage technology built-in so you can enjoy a zero gravity massage, as it were.  One glance at the price tag of one of these chairs could have many of you scoffing instantly.  However, that scoffing would be instantly eliminated if you were to sit in one of these chairs for just a couple of minutes.  By the way, believe me when I say it would be nearly impossible to get you out of one of these chairs after just a couple of minutes.  Again, this is NOT a cheap recliner, but when it comes to style and comfort, there simply isn’t anything that competes with this product.


No matter what your budget or environment, there is a zero-gravity recliner that will fit perfectly into your life.  The comfort they provide is really unbelievable until you experience it for yourself and the fact that they are as affordable as they are now, there is no excuse or reason why you should not have one or many of these for your comfort and relaxation.  These chairs have exploded onto the scene and there is a reason why they are as popular and as in demand as they are, a very good reason.

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