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Best Portable Juul Charger

One of the worst feelings is to get in your car for your drive to work and to fire up your Juul electronic cigarette and see the red light flashing meaning your battery is low or dead. Luckily there is an easy fix in a portable juul charger case. Juul e-cigs hit the scene in 2015 and by 2017 was by far the most popular portable electronic cigarette on the market.

One of the reasons for the success was the ease of use with the pod system. Instead of having to deal with liquids and other nuisances, you can easily insert a pod to refill your juul. Also, the Juul is extremely affordable with the price of the refill pods. Finally, the Juul gives arguably the closest experience to smoking out of any products currently on the market.

Juul Charger Case Features:

  • The ability to carry up to 3 juul pods.
  • Holds one Juul stick
  • Once you fully charge your portable juul charger the ability to charge your juul up to 5 times.

You can’t go wrong with Portable Juul Charging Case Holder. It is currently available on amazon for under $40 and will be the perfect device for charging your Juul on the go.

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What is a Juul Electronic Cigarette?

Electronic cigarettes (popularly known as e-cigs) are devices that deliver nicotine, providing the same sensation of a traditional cigarette. They consist in air flow sensor, atomizing compartment, a rechargeable battery and a cartridge, which contains a liquid solution (or e-liquid) with nicotine and flavor. The solution usually includes propylene glycol as one of the ingredients. However, many manufacturers produce solutions that are vegetable glycerine based instead.

How do I turn on my Juul?

Once you start inhaling, the e-cig will switch on. It will automatically switch off when you stop puffing. Keep in mind that the operation of electronic cigarettes depends also on the type of battery used. There are automatic batteries, that contain a pressure-sensitive switch that is activated by inhalation. With this type of battery, the e-cig works similarly to a traditional cigarette. On the other hand, the manual battery works by pressing a small button on the side. They provide more control over the vapor production and are recommended for experienced e-cigarette users.

Portable Juul Charger Tutorial:

Watch the below video for more information on your portable juul charging case.

Why do you get a strange taste when you try a new electronic cigarette?

The atomizer is charged with a nicotine liquid which you can taste the first couple of times you puff.  After that, you will feel the real taste from your new cartridges would be in the atomizer system.

Does the vapour of the E-Cigarette produce any smell?

Since e-cigarettes contain no tobacco, they don’t leave the same strong, lingering smell. The only aroma that is produced comes from the flavor of your cartridge.

Why does My Juul blink constantly ?

This is used as an indicator to let you know that the battery is empty and it needs to be recharged.

Can I use cartridges from any brand or model with my e-cigarette?

No, you can only use the cartridges that are compatible with the specific brand and type of e-cigarette you have.

Does e-cigs taste like a real cigarette?

Yes, the do. There are many flavors available but if you choose Tobacco, the taste is very similar. Besides, you will feel the same hit in the throat that a characterizes a traditional cigarette.

Do they produce real smoke?

No, depending on the type of solution, an e-cigarette releases vegetable glycerine or propylene glycol mist. The vapor looks very similar to smoke and you can even make smoke rings.

How do I know when the cartridge has to be changed?

If you are getting less vapor, this means it’s time to change the cartridge, It may also be an indication that its time to charge the battery.

Will I notice any difference if I switch to electronic cigarettes?

The first changes you will notice after a few days of using e-cigarettes, are that you start being able to taste and smell things better. Your house won’t be stinking of Tobacco all the time and your coughing will stop. In the long run, there are also many other advantages (for the health and for your pocket).

Is if necessary to charge the battery before the first use?

With some companies, when you receive your electronic cigarette, the battery comes fully or partially charged so that you can start using it. But if you need to charge the battery, it usually takes an hour or more to get a full charge. This usually is indicated when the light in the battery which was initially red, turns to green.

Can people with diabetes use e-cigarettes?

We advise you to consult with your doctor prior to start using any electronic cigarette.

Can e-cigarettes be used  during pregnancy?

Electronic cigarettes should not be used during pregnancy. Again, it is best to consult your doctor for professional advice.

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