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Best Portable Lacrosse Goal

Lacrosse is one of the most popular games in North America. Men, women, and teens participate in the game and most schools and colleges have their own lacrosse teams. Lacrosse is the national game of Canada during the summers. Lacrosse has a long history and it is one of the oldest known games in the North American continent. It was first played by the natives of North America and the game originated in Onondaga. The natives called this game as ‘dehuntshigwa’es’. The literal meaning of dehuntshigwa’es is ‘men hit a rounded object.’ As the game gradually started to spread to different areas, the name kept changing until in the modern days it came to be known as Lacrosse. When first getting into Lacrosse or finding products for lets say your son or daughter it can be daunting to find the right equipment. See below for several of the best lacrosse items for sale.

Best Portable Lacrosse Goals of 2019:

Name: Rating:Price on Amazon:
GoSports Regulation 6' x 6'5.0
Outroad Portable 6x6 ft
Official Folding Lacrosse Goal
EZGoal Lacrosse Folding Goal, 6 x 6-Feet

What To Look For In A Lacrosse Portable Goal

The whole point of purchasing a portable goal for Lacrosse is the ability to move it from one area to another. If you are setting up for a practice at a field, having this setup is the only way to get a scrimmage or practice game going. One factor to look out for before making your purchase is that you will want to assure your goal is easy to pack up and transport. Several lower-end models of portable goalposts for Lacrosse are a pain in the ass to get back in the bag and get into your car. Also, they might not fold properly which can cause tons of frustration. Overall, it is worth spending a little extra money to get a higher quality model that can easily be put back in the bag and transported to and forth games and practices.

Another thing to look out for is you will want to make sure the goal is made from metal and not plastic. Having a plastic goal may seem convenient as it is not as heavy but in the long run, it is not worth it.

Top LAX Goal Blocker

Name: Rating:Price on Amazon:
Goal Sports Innovation Lax
Dog Lacrosse Goal Ball Return
Franklin Sports Lacrosse Shooting Target4.4

Champion Lacrosse Goal Target44.1

What Is Lacrosse

Lacrosse can be called:

“Da-nah-wah’uwsdi,” or “little war,” in Eastern Cherokee.

“Tewaarathon,” or “little brother of war,” in Mohawk language.
“Baaga’adowe,” or “the Creator’s game,” in Ojibwe.
The game is played at team level. This means, two individuals cannot play the game. There has to be two teams. The modern version requires 10 players on each team for men and 12 players per team for women. For men, it is mandatory to have protective helmet masks but for women, this is not necessary. Women will, however, need to have eye protection gear in place. The goal-tender on the women’s team will need to wear a protective helmet mask.

The game of lacrosse has distinct classifications as far as the roles of the players is concerned. Each team is divided into 1 goal tender, 3 attack-men, 3 defense-men and 3 mid-fielders. There is a rubber ball that needs to be put inside the opponent’s goal. The players use sticks for shooting the ball. These sticks are known as the crosse. Just like games such as football, soccer and hockey, this game can become very aggressive at times and hence, players need to have body protection gear. A very important component of the game of lacrosse is the goal itself.

There are specific requirements for the goal. The lacrosse goal needs to be 6-feet high, 6-feet wide and 7-feet deep. This is the standard size that is used everywhere. Selecting a goal is important. The goal must not only be very strong and sturdy but the net used must also be very strong because of the fact that it is the net that will be stopping the speeding ball when it enters the goal. Most nets are made of polyethylene but they can also be made of nylon or other durable material.

The goal you buy needs to have easy setup. Most of the goals come with a Velcro strap feature that allows for easy and quick setup. The goal should have a strong steel tube frame and yellow powder coating for extra durability. Ground anchors are a plus when the goal is used outdoors. You can look for other features like net braiding, snug in-pocket etc. These are features that may be unique to the individual manufacturers. Nonetheless, when you buy, look at the basics and make sure that the goal comes in standard size!

Who is a Lacrosse Goalie?

When we look at the goalie position in the game of lacrosse, we see a gladiator, a soldier willing to sacrifice his body for the sake of the team. When we listen to the goalie, we hear a general, a field commander, constantly instructing and leading his troops. When we think of the lax goalie we can often imagine a crazy person, someone willing to stand in front of a hard rubber projectile moving over 100 miles per hour… but we also visualize a super athlete.  Cat like quickness, ready to attack the in-coming shot.  Courage, extreme focus and a will to compete no matter what the odds.  These are the true characteristics of a lacrosse goalie.

Best Lacrosse Goalie Sticks

Name: Rating:Price on Amazon:
STX Shield 100 Strung Lax Goalie Stick 5.0
STX Lacrosse Eclipse 2 Complete Goalie Stick4.8
STX Goalmaster Complete Goalie Lacrosse Stick

What To Look For In Goalie Sticks

The goaltending position played in almost every sport tends to be a specialized position that requires specific equipment, which is the case in lacrosse as well. A lacrosse goalie is not only required to wear specialized protective equipment to safeguard themselves from common injuries, but they also have different technical equipment as well. Lacrosse goalie sticks are only used by this position and are typically about 40 inches long and feature a wider head. In accordance with the US Lacrosse rules and regulations, a goaltender’s complete stick must lie between 52 and 72 inches in total length and the width of the head must fall between 10 and 12 inches. The wider head helps to aid the goalie in making catches and saves, however it is not he best function head for passes and cradling. The exact measurements of the length of the shaft and the width of the head will be based on the particular goalie’s preferences and needs. For example, if you are a short goaltender it makes sense that shorter stick will be more beneficial to you than a long one.

As far as customizing your LAX goalie sticks there is not too much to consider on the technical end. It is commonly understood that goalies need to have a deep pocket and a lightweight shaft. Your best bet is to find a combination of head and shaft that produces the lightest weight for your comfort level in order to capture the ball quickly and make game saves.

The options as far as heads are concerned are limited. Open sidewall heads offer more of a reduced weight than their counterparts. Monster mesh tends to break-in more as well which will provide the best forming pocket for a goalie. It is important to make sure that the lowest shooter is strung into a v-shape in an effort to help direct the ball to the right spot during a pass. If the pocket is channeled properly the oversized head will not eject the ball the correct way and will allow the ball to float about the pocket.

Since the shaft of the goalie stick is easily damaged from hitting the pipes and hitting their sticks against the crossbars, it is important to purchase a highly durable stick like one that is made of titanium. The last thing to consider when customizing your goalie stick is to decide which length you are most comfortable with. The majority of goalie sticks come with the standard goalie length; however some goalies like to use a short stick. These sticks are known for a reduced throwing distance ability and velocity.

With lacrosse becoming a more popular sport in the United States by the day, many people who had never heard of the game have started to learn more about the sport or are at least showing some interest in learning more about the game. While the recent attraction to the sport is something of a mystery, it is possible to draw similarities to other popular sports such as football, soccer and even hockey. While the most common comparison between football and lacrosse would be the heavy pads worn by the players, it the comparisons to soccer and hockey that are probably the most astute. There are, however, some differences that make lacrosse a truly unique sport, especially the goalie sticks.

Like most goalie sticks, lacrosse goalie sticks feature a shaft and a head. The shaft is generally straight and may be made from wood, plastic, metal or composite materials. It is worth noting that there are often league-specific limitations placed on weight and even materials used in lacrosse goalie sticks. While regular lacrosse sticks are usually between 40 and 72 inches in total length (including the head) depending on position, gender and league, usually lacrosse goalies are allowed to have larger sticks. This means both larger shafts and larger heads as a general rule, but the league-specific rules may negate this size advantage.

Lacrosse goalie sticks often feature significantly wider heads than those allowed on the sticks of other players. Combined with the shaft size advantage, the super-sized head allows for each catching and throwing action that makes playing the goalie position in lacrosse more practical and potentially more enjoyable. Heads do come in different sizes and both pre-strung and unstrung varieties. Pre-strung varieties tend to be slightly more expensive, but when one purchases an unstrung lacrosse goalie stick head and the appropriate netting, the result is usually a slightly higher total price.

As a general rule plastic lacrosse goalie sticks are usually the cheapest of all lacrosse goalie sticks. It is possible to purchase inexpensive lacrosse goalie sticks made primarily from reinforced plastic for under $80 depending on their size, but these are not allowed in all leagues. Those looking for wood can expect to pay more for their lacrosse goalie sticks. Wooden lacrosse goalie sticks start at around $100 and can easily be far more expensive depending on the choice in wood and size. Metals and composite materials comprise the mid to high end of the lacrosse goalie stick market, though there are some extremely expensive wooden lacrosse goalie sticks that compete in the mid 3- to low 4-figure price bracket.

If one is very serious about their lacrosse game, an investment in a 4-figure lacrosse goalie stick might make sense. For those that are just dabbling in the game of lacrosse, a more modest investment might be appropriate.


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