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Best Portable Projector For Outdoor Movies

Want to make your next outdoor event such as a pool party a huge success? Consider investing in a portable projector especially for outdoor movies and shows. As someone who has a pool at my grandfather’s house, I love blasting my projector on the wall of his house and enjoying Netflix while I am swimming in the pool. See below for the three best choices for an outdoor projector for movies.

Best Portable Projector For Outdoor Movies

Name: Rating:Price on Amazon:
VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector5.0
GooDee HD Video Projector 4000L
Outdoor Movie Projector
QKK Portable LCD Projector 28005.0

Why Get An Outdoor Tiny Projector

Outdoor projectors are a great way to show a movie to a large crowd. Contrary to popular belief, in many cases you don’t need a screen as long as you have a wall or large surface that is white in color or another light color. If you don’t want to get a projected screen or don’t have a wall to blast your image onto, you can always get a white sheet as a makeshift projector screen.

Portable Projectors Growing In Popularity

The wonders of the internet make it easy for us to quickly gather data on almost any subject. Portable projectors have been around as a concept for over a decade – about as long as Google, the biggest of the search engines. But how popular have micro projector’s been with the general consuming public? Using google trends you can see how graphs and data on how much a search term is entered, allowing you to overtime generate a graph which shows the rise (and sometimes falls) of a search term.

As you can see from this graph no real search volume for the term kicked off until late 2007 / early 2008 when a spike of traffic, perhaps a rumble of 3m or another manufacturer designing concepts for a mass-market micro projector. After that the term dropped and was almost forgotten in the eyes of google until the 3rd quarter of 2008 (the release of some early micro projector’s to online retailers etc), quickly jumping up to higher than it had ever been before – and since then it has only gone up! It will be interesting to see how the graph has developed in say another 12 months, with my Xmas predictions on micro projectors I wouldn’t be surprised if it doubles or triples in the year 2020.

It also allows you to see the countries in which this search term is most popular, as to be expected the western world is high up there for micro projectors (and similar phrases like pico projectors) – the US and UK being the largest. Australia is the next biggest searcher for micro projector’s – followed by Canada and Germany. I should think in time more of Europe will feature in this list.

Portable Projector For Business Tips

10 Tips for the Service Projectionist

  1. Keep all the slides consistent. Choose a color, style, and font and carry the theme throughout the series.
  2. Only make changes to this style at the start of a new series.
  3. Don’t make the text to small or too large. Keep it readable. If verses are too long, use additional slides and make the text larger.
  4. Use last week’s presentation and “save as” so that the series matches even though multiple people are working on the series.
  5. Use clean images scanned or captured to be the correct size and resolution. Don’t stretch images.
  6. Try not to use gifs. They don’t look as good as jpegs.
  7. Once people are in the auditorium don’t show your work on the screen if you are still building or cleaning your presentation.
  8. If you have to change to PowerPoint from SongShow do it at a place in the service that won’t be noticeable and do it quickly.
  9. Never show the blue screen.
  10. When shutting down after a service wait till people have turned and are leaving the auditorium. The best thing would be to wait till all have left. But at least if you are powering down then turn the projectors off first so that black is the only thing the audience sees.

How To Setup An Outdoor Projector

Portable Projector For Churches

Working closely with the architect from the earliest stages of the facility, a powerful, user-friendly video system was put in place to meet these objectives as well as several more added along the way.

These are just a few of the challenges and how they were addressed:

Challenge 1: The room is able to be divided into 3 separate rooms allowing for simultaneous events to take place.

System Solution: The system provides for video support in each divided room allowing one operator to support all 3 with separate monitors. Remote controlled pan/tilt cameras allow the operator to view all 3 spaces from the control area

Challenge 2: A large atrium fellowship space was also built to facilitate numerous events and it is used for overflow as well as for stand alone events.

System Solution: A large flexible matrix router allows for portable projectors and/or TV’s to be placed throughout the space and various signals including the remote controlled cameras can be fed through the system.

Challenge 3: Protecting the equipment from flying objects

System Solution: Rear projection screens ½” thick were used to not only provide a cleaner image with better sight lines, but the screens serve to protect the projectors as well.

Challenge 4: Extremely short throw distance

System Solution: A system of mirrors and wide angle lenses were used to limit the amount of square footage needed for rear projection. The extra cost for mirrors and lenses was more than offset in space conservation.

Challenge 5: All this created a complex system run by a variety of volunteer staff from youth ministry to senior adults

System Solution: An extremely easy to use control system allows for a one touch operation of otherwise confusing equipment. Pan tilt cameras, motorized drapes, signal routing, video playback and preview are just a few of the components accessed by the control system.

Early planning, creativity and flexibility have brought together a video system that meets today’s needs and anticipates tomorrow’s challenges in this beautiful facility that is being used to change lives.

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